Frequently Asked Questions



Should I book my own hotel room?

Yup. Check out our hotel room blocks. They're pretty fancy! Get some roommates!!

What meals are included?

All meals are included except breakfast. 

Should I go on the trip by myself? Is that weird?

It's awesome! Reach out to your Chapter or just come solo! You have the OFM team and it's going to be a blast!

Will I get private one-on-one time with Dena so she can find out how awesome I am?

Dena will be be-bopping. Please don't monopolize the be-bop. It's a lot of people but she will be sure to mingle and spend time with everyone. 

Should I bring my kids?

Stop it.

Is the trip Handicap Accessible?

Elevators will be available where needed except for the Betsy Ross house. There is a bus for longer distances but most of the trip is within a 4-5 block radius.

Can I purchase trip insurance?

Yup, link will be sent after you purchase your ticket. 

How should I dress?

Please wear underwear, it's winter in the Northeast! Pack your walking shoes, winter coat, gloves and a hat too!

Would my man/ woman/ spouse/ lover/ boy toy enjoy this trip?

Yes! But will you if they come?

How do you know what size merch I want? 

We will send out a google form in November inquiring about all additional info we need.

I have food allergies, who should I tell?

Jesus.....And put it on the form.

When will we know the exact itinerary?

We'll send it in November.

Are we really going to church with Lady Di?

Yes if you want to....Jesus would love to see you!